On Thursday the 28th February Starbucks will open it’s largest restaurant/café/bar in the world. It will be opened in the Nakameguro area in Tokyo. It’s a 4-story building is designed by architect Kengo Kuma and features a coffee-roastery, a bar, a tea tavern and an in-house bakery (the Pinci bakery) which will serve freshly made Italian inspired dishes and sweets, such as pizza, focaccia, cornetti, salads and more. 

Mega-huge roasting pan

Not only is it a really big Starbucks, but it also features a 55-feet/ 16,7 m tall coffee cask that stretches through all the four floors and in a way unites the whole Starbucks in a unique way.

The floors

The first floor will feature the Starbucks expected coffee serving area. The stairs to the second floor lead you to a tea-serving area, Teavana. Blending the traditional Japanese craft of tea-making with new and modern flavours. Moving up to the third you will find the bar “Arriviamo“, as you might expect they will serve coffee and tea-inspired drinks and cocktails. Final floor will feature an event area.

Find out more here: https://www.starbucks.co.jp/roastery/





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