If you love coffee and are going to Tokyo, you want to read the article below. I can only agree with the article that the number of places with good coffee has been on the increase recently. It used to be that Segafredo was the only place where you could get a good cappuccino, now there are so many more options. Read about great coffee shops in Tokyo below.

Sure you can get bananas, condoms and surgical masks from vending machines in Tokyo, but there’s no need to lower yourself to coffee in a can (well, maybe just once). The truth is, Tokyo ain’t far behind Melbourne in the coffee stakes—finding a three-quarter latte or a good single origin isn’t as hard as you might think. The city’s coffee culture has been around for centuries, but in the last few years it’s really taken off. Thanks largely to a few canny ex-pats and young Japanese entrepreneurs. Exquisite design, attention to detail and A-Grade ingredients: Japan’s known for that stuff already. They just had to add a milk steamer.

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