The monocle storefront in Tomigaya. (Picture credit to Bit Boy)

One of the thing that fascinates with Tokyo is the seeming never-ending areas to explore. Tomigaya is one of the new up-and-coming areas that are waiting to be explored. Located close to both Yoyogi-Koen and Yoyogi-Hachiman (or a 10 min walk from Shibuya station) there are many convenient connections that can take you there. From the Yoyogi stations, you find the Tomigaya area to the south and from Shibuya to the north-west.

What makes it special?

Here you find small independently run stores, cafés, and restaurants. Very different from the neon-lit crowd in Shibuya. Very interesting how Tokyo changes its appearance from futuristic megalopolis to a quaint neighborhood area in just a few minutes walk, an area where you can feel that actual real people live. The global affairs, culture, and design magazine have made Tomigaya their home base, which tells you something about the appeal of the area.

Why should I go here?

This is one of those areas where (as we have alluded too above) get a glimpse of something that is a bit different from the main tourist attractions in Tokyo. Enyoy the slower pace and have a look at things that pique your mind.

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