Tomica is most often associated with toy-cars aimed at kids, this year though Tomica is releasing a series of cars aimed at more adult audience.

The theme for the collection is warlords during the Sekigahara time period in Japan, the series is called “Shogun of the Bakumatsu”. The plan is to release six cars in total over the year, starting in February and then every two months until December. First out is the Date Masamune themed Honda Civic Type R, which goes on sale for 1300 yen and is sold with a unique collectors box where the following cars will fit nicely. The rest of the cars will be sold for 700 yen and will be available in book stores around Japan (not the toystores).

The collection was previewed in Tomiaca’s booth during the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 and received high praise and many excited potential customers.

Tomica also announced that they will try to create a car-series aimed at women, wonder what that will look like! Exciting.




©TOMY Tomica Japan


©TOMY Tomica Japan

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