These cool and dystopian dioramas are created by MASAKI (all caps, yes!). They display a real eye for detail as they show a ruined submerged world. He uses Geocraper (scale 1:2500 city blocks), paints them and makes them look worn and torn as any dystopian building should.

Submerged cities

Dents in the houses, greenery growing where you usually see none growing. This “ruined” cityscape is then placed in a mould and filled with resin that emulates water. For an extra touch sea-dwelling creatures such as sharks, whales and squids are then set in the water to give it a more alive feeling.

Creative challenges

Some of the challenges when making these dioramas, MASAKI explains, is air bubbles trapped in the buildings which come out when the resin is being poured, creating not such appealing artefacts in the resin mould. Furthermore making sure the form is super tight when actually filling it with resin to prevent leakage.

The result is really stunning and creates a really visually pleasing piece of diorama that really interests the viewer.

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