Once again the cherry blossom period is expected to arrive early.  It’s expected, that for the Tokyo region, we will see the cherry blossoms in full bloom the last weekend in March.

One of the reasons for the early bloom is the warm weather we have seen lately. But not only the weather now, but the mild weather last fall made sure that the cherry tree delayed it dormancy which allowed the cherry buds to cope with the winter much better compared to before.

Cherry blossom rest of Japan

On Kyushu, southern Japan, it’s expected to bloom as early as the 20th March. While northern parts of Japan will see cherry blossoms from early April and it will reach northern Hokkaido in early May.

Enjoy cherry blossom season

Now you know when you need to get those blue tarps ready and load up on bento and beers and get ready to binge in the park. Enjoy!

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