This is a service I will use every time I go to Japan, no doubt. This article is not a complete review of all Wifi options available in Japan, more a recommendation of a proven and affordable Wifi rental company.

Always when looking at wifi rental in Japan, it always seemed soo expensive. With this supplier, however, it was both cheap and smooth. I stand behind the recommendation, and I have used the service myself.

At the last visit to Japan, I rented a portable wifi router in Japan by the supplier iVideo and was pleasantly surprised by both function, price and agility.

Booking broadband on iVideo

Bookings are made via the iVideo website. Here you can determine where you want to pick up the modem bundle. If you arrive at Japan via Narita airport, which is perhaps the most common, then there is an alternative for that, among other locations. More on this step below.

Some things to keep in mind before you book, the modem must be booked at least two days in advance. Should you choose to pick up the modem at a more remote area, it may be necessary three days, details are available on their website.

One can either rent per day or per month. Further down the page, there is an overview of costs compared to competitors, monthly rent can be cheaper than day rent depending on how long you intend to rent.

Step by step guide to booking on iVideo

Step 1:

Go to iVideos homepage, choose “Rent Wifi” or “Monthly Rent”, in the example below I choose the last option and then “Japan Wifi”.

Step 2:

Select service, there are a few different options to choose from. I decided on the “Y! Mobile 502HW 4G LTE Unlimited Data”.

Step 3:

Then choose if you want to rent on “Daily” or on “Monthly” basis.

Step 4:

Check and accept the policy, click OK.

Step 5:

The next step is to choose the pick-up location. At first, you see all the places around the world that they deliver. A bit down the page you see Japan, see the next step.

Step 6:

Then click on the small round dot to see all the options for where to get the modem. If you land at Narita airport so you can pick up at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Notable here is also that you need fill in your name exactly as it says in the passport. Otherwise, there might be issues when you pick up the package with the modem.

Step 7:

The next step is to choose how long you want to rent the modem for, specifying either the number of days or the number of months, see below.

Step 8:

The last two steps are payment and order confirmation, here you see the total amount and choose one of the payment options.

Pick up the broadband modem

From the example above, go to Narita Airport to the post office on the 3rd floor 3 in Terminal 2. At the post office, notify the staff that you want to pick up a package from iVideo. When I picked up the broadband, it felt like they were very used to handing out packets from iVideo, it went fast and smooth, no issues.

What you get is actually a larger envelop where you have everything you need, a small bag with the mobile broadband unit, USB cable, wall charger and a pre-addressed return envelope to send everything back to iVideo in.

Below: Narita Airport Terminal 2, post office floor 3.

This is what you get, an envelope with everything you need.

In the envelope, there is a return envelope, a small carrying case with, a modem, a charging cord and a wall socket.

Cost of renting mobile Wifi in Japan

As mentioned earlier, there are two variants for renting the modem at, day or monthly rate. For me it was cheaper to rent broadband for a month even though I would be there for a shorter time, so check carefully what price is best for you. When I rented it, it cost $ 37, for a month, $ 29 plus $ 8 in handling the cost.

Comparison with other suppliers

IVideo stands out compared to its competition. If you look at the monthly cost, the closest competitor is about three times as expensive as iVideo. Renting for 14 days it is not as big a difference, but iVideo still has the cheapest option, same on short-term rental.

Supplier 30 days (in yen) 14 days (in yen) 1 dag (or min. rent time) (in yen)
Japan Wireless 13,446 8,262 4,266
Pururu WiFi 23,004 12,420
Fox WiFi 12,450 7,650 3,960
Pocket WiFi 12,450 7,650 3,960 (first 4 days)
Ninja WiFi 33,372 16,686
iVideo 4,142 4,469 1,831 (4 days)

Speed and data traffic

While some providers offer both unlimited and limited (with capped speed after a certain amount of data), iVideos modem is always unlimited. We were up to 4 who shared a modem with no problems for regular mobile use.


If you have a so-called “power bank”, i.e. extra battery for charging phones and other things, then it may be good to bring in if you plan to rent a modem. This allows you to charge the modem at any time if the power goes out.

Can highly recommend these when booking broadband to your Japan trip!

Link to iVideo’s home page.

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Nico · October 5, 2019 at 11:24 am

For how long did you use the ivdeo pocket WiFi?

    S.Asami · October 7, 2019 at 6:37 am

    Hi NIco

    I rented it for 1 month but stayed only 3 weeks. Before flying back I just mailed the whole package back to iVideo with the pre-paid envelope.

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