An artist calling herself “Cutting Sword Masayo” (切り剣Masayo) has lately been seen on the internet in various outlets for its beautiful and meticulous papercraft art. These papercraft pieces really come to life and you wonder what you are actually looking at, can this be done by just cutting in a piece of paper? Obviously creating something like this takes years of training and practice.

How is this papercraft created?

The process is done by first drawing an image on a paper using photography depicting what she is trying to re-create. Then with a small precise knife and cutting out parts of the paper leaving only a beautiful piece of art.

What makes the art extra special is the feeling of depth that it creates like you are watching a 3-dimensional object. This is achieved by cutting more paper out of the parts of the object that is supposed to be further back from the viewer.

One of the pieces, that of an octopus, took around two months to complete, from concept and first drawings to the final product.
Cutting Sword Masayo has a day job at a company that repairs watches, so the art is made on evenings and holidays.

View some of the images below, all copyright to “Cutting Sword Masayo”(切り剣Masayo).


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